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:: Cool stuff

>> Squadnews.com has cool features for webmasters
If you run a squad website, then you should take a look at what Squadnews.com has to offer. At Squadnews you can:
- Submit news about your squad (for ex: tourneys organised by you, awards received, tryout sessions announcements, new dedicated servers, etc..
- Display Squadnews headlines on your site. You will be offering your visitors fresh content that updates automatically. Choose among different ways to display the news: boxes, tickers, etc...
- Use the GUIstuff link to enhance your site's look and feel by creating Flash buttons, Tool Tips, etc.. online.
- Use the Flash Intro Creator.
- Submit your links.
- Submit non direct (or direct if you want) links to your maps.
- Use the Calendar to announce important scheduled events, like tryout sessions.
- Let your visitors rate your site at Squadnews without driven them away from your site.
- ...and many more to come.

Register NOW!

Yet another site by SE7EN.

>> Get our newest wallpaper
- by SE7EN
Well... i guess you should have at least 18 years old to watch and use this. I tried to make it subtle, anyway. I know a LoEtte that will love this... It's a sexy wallpaper that comes in 2 versions and 2 formats (gif & jpg files). Use at your own risk.

- loewall1.gif (56.6 Kb)
- loewall1.jpg (30.8 Kb)
- loewall2.gif (74.7 Kb)
- loewall2.jpg (36.9 Kb)


>> DF2 20 players server
- Program created by [WKA] Helza©
This programs allow hosts to run a 20 players server.

Some quick instructions:

First of all this program is for DF2 Version 1.06.15 ONLY, it will not work with any other version. So make sure you got the correct version. You can see this when DF2 starts at the top. Second this program will only work with Windows 95/98/98SE (and apparently Me) not with Windows NT/2000.

Download the zip file then unzip it anywhere on your Hard Drive. Then, using your file manager (Windows Explorer), look for the file and open it. Hit the "?" button at the bottom of the program window and make sure to read all the info on how to use it and its limitations.

For further information, contact the author (contact info inside the program).

Click here to download the df2-20players.zip file (159 Kb).

>> ~UN~ DF2/3 Favorites
- Copyright © 2001 DeadBolt
~UN~ squad has something new for the df2/lw boys/girls, so head over and check it out. Head over to DF2/3 Favorites. What you will see are df2 servers that are online. You get the same info you see in the IP4DF2 program, just off the website, updated every 10 secs or so.

Added feature is after you download the DF 2 Favorites client program, you can click any active game server on the page and you will automatically join the game. We will be adding LW game servers in the near future also. Plus we will be adding Squad servers to the line-up so if you are running a df2/LW server with a fixed I,P get in contact with Cobbler and he will see what he can do to get you added to the list.

The DF 2 Favorites program is awesome and and currently works for both DF2 and LW, with a lot of nice and nifty features. Try it out and let Cobbler know what you think.

>> LoE Startup.pcx image
The Startup.pcx is an image file that the game shows when you are logging into Novaworld. I have customized that image in order to show the LoE tag insted of the Novaworld logo. You just have to download the zip file into your game folder and unzip it there (and overwrite the exisiting Startup.pcx file). It is suggested that you make a backup copy of the previous Startup.pcx image and save it in another folder for later recovery if you don't like the new one i have made. Enjoy. - SE7EN

Click here for a preview of the image (don't use this image because it is a GIF, not a PCX).
Click here to download the LoE Startup.zip file containing the Startup.pcx file (8 Kb).

>> DFOptiRun
This program is designed as a DF1, DF2 and LW starttool/desktop portal, allowing you to start your favorite game or editor with your favorite parameters from a single interface. The OptiRun feature will make for improved and smoother gameplay on all Windows systems, like Windows98/ME,NT4.0 and 2000Pro.

Installation instructions
Simply download the file anywhere on your PC and unzip it. The tool is designed to run from any location. It is suggested that you read the Readme file before runing the tool.

Click here to download DFOptiRun.zip (322 Kb).

This tool is provided by www.flagball.com

>> Roger Wilco
You know already what Roger Wilco is. Anyway, just in case u don't: it's a free real-time voice chat. What's a "free real-time voice chat"? Errrrr... it's a technology that allows you to communicate with your team mates using your voice while playing and u don't have to pay for it. Sounds cool. Just take a look at it's website, read the stuff, download it and try it. Click on the banner to visit www.rogerwilco.com

You will need a microphone or headset to use RW. A full duplex sound card is recomended.

Roger Wilco - Live Voice Chat

>> LoE banners (468x60)
This is our full banner. You can place it on your website if you want and link it to http://loe.8m.com/   :)

468x60 - SE7EN
LoE full banner

468x60 - SE7EN

468x80 - SE7EN

468x80 - SE7EN

468x80 - SE7EN

468x80 - SE7EN

468x60 - SE7EN

468x80 - SE7EN

468x80 - SAS

>> Lacie Editor (for DF1 & DF2)
So do you want to use special characters with your DF2 name? This is the program you need. Read the ++Read me++.txt file first and then download the file on any folder. Remember to place an icon on your desktop for easy access to the program. It is very easy to use. If you have any question, please use the forum or visit dfmaps.com.
- "Read me" file - Click here to open it.
- Lacie Editor - Click here to download it.

>> Anti-cheat (for DF2)

This is an anti-cheat program you can enable and disable anytime you want.

Download the file into your main DF2 game directory/folder. Open your file manager and double click the file you have just downlaoded in order to unpack/unzip it. You will be prompted to answer if you want to overwrite a couple of dll files. Answer "yes". You are done. You will see a new execultable file in the main DF2 folder. Open it in order to run the program. You will see a button for enabling the anti-cheat and another to disable it. Run this program anytime you want to enable or disable the anti-cheat before hosting or enable it in order to access a room with the the anti-cheat runing..

Click here to download the file (511Kb)

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