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Ok where do we Start?

In Oktober 1999 Tank and some others decide to make their own Squad. Legion of Evil (LoE) were born.

In the short follow months some good Players and very good Members are joining the Squad. Lucky, Ghostly, Kane,Maddog , Snipeaguy and Se7en to name the Importants.

In 2000 LoE got more members and stronger. They won their first matches. In early 2000 Bjay12 Servuss and Atty joining the Squad. 3 German Players. Now the Squad is in Europe, Australia, North and South America and Asia. LoE is now  a Worldwide-Squad. A bit later Shame, SaS and Yakman join the squad.
In march 2000 Se7en built our first site.
LoE got stronger and more powerfull. The Friendship are going more in the Squad.
In May 2000 LoE decide to drop Ranks. We are a Family from around 30 members, Some girls but mostly Boys. Trinity, Sweetbaby Armygirl and Hotty where the actiually girls.
In oktober 2000 LoE has 58 Members. We Started a Series of 39 wins before we lost another match.
In 2001 LoE get up to Squads like D12 and ][-][. From that Time on LoE owned the game. No Squad has played more Matches as LoE.
In november 2000 Bjay12 got the domain www.loevil.com. From now on LoE has his own webadress.

In 2002 SaS Redesign the website. He did the same in 2003 too.
In 2003 SaS made our 2end Flash-intro.

Today the Website is done by JL and Lethal. LoE plays Bhd not as same good as Df2 was @ the end, But more practice will us Bring there. Jl owns the domain www.loevil.net where you find the actually aktiv full rooster.

To help us out with the special DF2, GR, BF and BHD story please use the story forum, thxs the Webteam

Our allies:
Armt, Star, ][-][, SToD, LSA. The network of this Squad was the powerfull conection in the whole DF2 World. In BHD LoE has no allied.

The Future of LoE will be JO and BV Vietnam
To be continied

Land, Sea & Air


Stormtroopers of Death

Squad News
DF China

  by LoE Web Team